How to Use an Instagram Password Hacker to Hack an Account in 2020

Hack an Instagram account by resetting the account's email

This method is the easiest way to hijack their Instagram account. However, you do need access to their email. If you do, then the hardest part is already done. Go to Instagram, type in their username, and press the "forgot password" option. There, you can choose to use their email or their username to reset their password. Do not choose their mobile number, as the request to reset their password will be sent to their smartphone. Then they will know someone is trying to get into their account. When you finish the reset request, an email from Instagram will appear. Click on the email and follow the link to change the password and email to your own. Then enter the same information into your phone and then log out, If you log out, the person's Instagram that you hacked will log out on their phone, and they won't be able to use it.

Change the password of the account

If you can get your hands on their phone while it is unlocked, then you can open their Instagram and go to their settings. To get their phone while it is unlocked, you may need to ask to see some pictures or lie. Often, people let others use their unlocked phones when they are scrolling through and showing off their pictures. Or you can pretend that your phone died and you need to call your ride to pick you up. Once you're in their account settings, you can change their email and password to what yours. After your change these fields, log out of their Instagram, so they no longer have access to it. Use the new email and password to log into their account from your phone.

This is an excellent method, but it requires physical access to the person and enough trust to be handed an unlocked phone.

Use spy tools to get access to the account

If you want to monitor someone's account to see what they have been doing or who they have been messaging instead of stealing their account, then you'll need to download Instagram compatible spy software on your target's phone. Spy software is most often used by parents who don't believe in children having privacy. They'll download the keylogger spy app onto their child's phone, so they can watch their every move and find out what they're doing on their social media accounts. You can place this on your target phone's, but make sure to hide it in a folder. This method will allow you to monitor the target's entire smartphone and have a record of everything they type, but you need to download it to their smartphone.


Instaripper is an app that can hack someone's password by guessing it until the software gets it right. It is a hacking tool, and you should train with it a bit before you use it on someone.

Unusually, when someone tries and fails too many times to guess an Instagram account's password, the software will time them out and make them wait if they want to try again. But instaripper, when timed out, makes the Instagram software think it's a new person and the timed

wait goes away. So then it will keep on guessing the password until it gets it right. It can guess passwords at hundred of times per second. This method is known as a brute force attack. If you can use this app correctly, then this way is the ideal method of hacking someone's Instagram account. You don't need access to their phone while unlocked, you don't need access to their email, and you don't have to download an app to their phone. It is completely anonymous and can be done from the comfort of your couch.